I spent the first ten days in manila and went to some of the many slums there. it's sad to see the rough conditions these people live in, however the people there were so joyful. They were smiling and following me all the time when i came with my camera, and they invited me into their tiny shacks to karaoke with them and they really taught me gratitude. 

I also visited metro world child organization (www.metroworldchild.org). They have a sponsorship program where I support a boy so he can go to school and has the things he needs the most. Finally I could meet jerecho and his family! 

i visited him in a small hut where he lives with his mother and four siblings. i was so touched when i saw that he kept every single letter that i wrote him through the past five years! It showed me the real impact my support has had on jerecho and his family and that only a little bit of my money can changes somebody's life!